Kubby Day Nursery

Information on each of our Nursery Rooms is detailed below.

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Baby Bear Room - Up to 18 Months

Baby Bear RoomYou will find the Baby Bear Room warm, friendly and inviting for your child at this early stage in life. Our staff in this room are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience caring for young babies to leave you safe in the knowledge that your child will comfortable at Kubby.

There is a separate Sleep Room facility opposite the Baby Bear Room away from the hustle and bustle of everyday baby life where the atmosphere is settled, quiet & cosy to aid peaceful sleep.  

Staff will try to accomodate your child's routine as & where possible to ensure easy transfer from home to nursery when you return to work.

Teddy Bear Room - 18 months to 27 months

Teddy Bear RoomIn this room the staff are warm and friendly and ready to prepare your child for the toddler room.

This room is the inbetween room to allow your child to gain confidence before mixing with older children, they are given the opportunity to advance their development in a cosy little room  with a smaller group of children.

In this room we plan for unhurried and uninterrupted opportunities to explore and stimulate the senses as this is an essential part of good childcare.

Busy Bear Room - 27 months to 36 months

Busy Bear Room

This is an exciting and fun filled room full of activities to encourage growth and independence. The staff in this room are full of energy and bursting with ideas to expand your child’s imagination through play, they supervise and support your child in making, testing out and celebrating their discoveries.  

At this age children are inquisitive and questioning and our staff are always at hand to harness this natural curiosity.

Kubby Bear Room - Preschool

Kubby Bear Room

This is the learning room, your child is busy getting prepared for school they absorb everything in their surroundings and our staff are at hand to enhance and expand their development.  

The children in this room are very independent and this is encouraged through play and the fostering of self help skills. At the end of their time in this room we graduate well prepared for the transition to primary school.